Analysis of Particle-Fluid Interactions in the Cleaning Process of Oil Well Drilling

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Chemical and Process Engineering


Oil well cleaning process is conducted by the transportation of drilled cuttings from the bottom hole to the surface using circulation of a drilling fluid. In order to predict and prevent the cuttings accumulation at the bottom hole, it is essential to study the critical parameters affecting the cuttings transport. Using an accurate computational model to predict the hole cleaning process is usually preferred as experiments are somewhat difficult and expensive to be carried due to the harsh conditions (depth, pressure and temperature) during drilling. In spite of the experimental and numerical investigations carried out in this field, few numerical studies have been conducted considering the effect of particles dynamics and interactions in the fluid domain. This research is overall aimed at modelling the bottom hole cleaning process using a fully coupled computational fluid dynamics and discrete element method (CFD-DEM) approach, considering the particle-particle, particle-wall (well and the drill bit), particle-fluid and fluid-particle interactions. An in-depth analysis of the transport phenomena can lead to a good understanding about the effect of the properties of particles (cuttings) and drilling fluid on the hole cleaning process and can help to identify strategies to improve the cleaning efficiency.


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