Black hole astrophysics through timing studies

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leicester
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


Developing and testing new methods for analysing and interpreting the patterns contained in the brightness variations of black holes - bothstellar-mass black holes in our galaxy and super-massive black holes in active galactic nuclei.
The project will focus on data from optical and X-ray observatories, and study variations over a range of timescales from subsecond to years or decades.
The project will involve challenges in analysing and extracting information from data, which are often noisy and the timing of observations may be quite irregular, often coming from different instruments. The methods developed should have applications in the fields of astrophysics faced with similar challenges.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
ST/S505511/1 01/10/2018 30/09/2022
2261484 Studentship ST/S505511/1 01/10/2019 30/06/2023 Sachin Dias
ST/T506242/1 01/10/2019 30/09/2023
2261484 Studentship ST/T506242/1 01/10/2019 30/06/2023 Sachin Dias