Engineering recombinant bacteriophages as multi - tools against intracellular bacterial infections

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: School of Life Sciences


Bacteriophages are viruses with great specificity for infecting their bacterial hosts, allowing their use as targeted antibacterial agents. Current advances in synthetic biology have enabled the genetic engineering of bacteriophages for a broad range of applications.
In this project, we propose to genetically engineer bacteriophage to efficiently enter into human cells to allow for phage-mediated killing of difficult to treat intracellular Escherichia coli K1 infection. A combination of genetics, microbiology, phage biology, synthetic biology, human cell biology and microscopy methods, will enable us to reach the objectives of the project.


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Studentship Projects

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BB/M01116X/1 01/10/2015 30/09/2023
2266975 Studentship BB/M01116X/1 30/09/2019 29/09/2023 Joshua Williams