Development of novel Purine-based novel analgesics

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Warwick Medical School


This MRC-funded doctoral training partnership (DTP) brings together cutting-edge molecular and analytical sciences with innovative computational approaches in data analysis to enable students to address important applied biomedical research questions in priority areas aligned with industry. This is a 4-year programme whose first year involves a series of taught modules and two laboratory-based research projects that lead to an MSc in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research. The first two terms consist of a selection of taught modules that allow students to gain a solid grounding in multidisciplinary science. Students also attend a series of masterclasses led by academic and industry experts in areas of molecular, cellular and tissue dynamics, microbiology and infection, applied biomedical technologies and artificial intelligence and data science. During the third and summer terms students conduct two eleven-week research projects in labs of their choice.

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that has severe implications for the sufferer, their families and society in general in terms of health care costs and days and productivity lost to ill-health.
While there are numerous pain medications available, some pain sufferers do not benefit from pain relief and/or suffer unacceptable adverse effects. Novel treatments for pain are thus required for these individuals.
In this project, in collaboration with NeuroSolutions, a contract research organisation expert in pain and analgesia, we will investigate novel compounds that interfere with pain pathways to explore their cellular actions and therapeutic potential in an range of clinically-relevant models of pain.
By the conclusion of this study we expect to have identified compounds with the potential for trails in man.


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