Improving User Privacy in Mobile and Ubiquitous Health Technologies

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bath
Department Name: Computer Science


Our world is increasingly moving online, and healthcare is no exception. The use of mobile and ubiquitous health (mHealth and uHealth) technologies - devices that can assist with monitoring and managing the health of an individual such as smartphones, smart home assistants and wearable sensors - has increased massively in recent years and millions of people now own devices capable of collecting data and making inferences about their health and wellbeing. While these do provide benefits to the user, this continuous data collection can also negatively impact an individual's privacy - such as being denied health insurance based on inferences made from such data.
The initial focus of this project will be gaining an understanding of users' privacy expectations and preferences for mHealth and uHealth technologies, followed by studies into how users understand and perceive privacy properties and risks of such systems. This knowledge will then be used to develop a model for facilitating informed decision making within these technologies, with further research aimed at evaluating and refining this model.


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