Additive Manufacturing of Two-Dimensional nanosheet networks for miniaturized structures

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Materials


Robocasting or Direct Ink Writing, is a scalable additive manufacturing technique that brings the possibility of making minaturized devices in three-dimensional (3D) geometry. Miniaturization over three-dimensional is very attractive for future on-chip technologies where efficiencies need to be optimized over small footprints. This is a new challenge, as device miniaturization is mainly developed to achieve planar-geometries. The objective if this PhD project is to formulate highly concentrated, water-based 2D atomically thin material inks which are printable and to fabricate novel miniaturized architectures. The inks are composed by atomically thin sheets of ternary alloy materials either exfoliated from bulk or obtained via direct synthesis in solution. By tailoring the rheology of the formulated inks, a shear thinning behaviour will be achieved allowing printability and assuring mechanical integrity of our printed structures


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