Integrative Visualisation for Orthogonal Design Performances


The visualisation of complex design problems, high - dimensional design spaces and analyses tends to conform to a single mode of display, as best suits the specific question or performance under investigation. For example, computational fluid dynamics, structural stresses and strains, vibration predictions, acoustics, spatial layouts and shapes of different level-of-detail, etc. However the human mind is capable of processing large quantities of information in visual formats and is notably inquisitive if presented with discordant/inconclusive 'loose-ends'. Rather than imprisoning the human actor in an inescapable single mode of visualisation, this project seeks to explore ways to smoothly overlap and alternate between modes of visualisation; the demonstrator case proposed is a fluid distribution system, going from the functional description, to the performance simulation/prediction, to the final 3D detailed design, through to a real-world performance results recorded during commissioning. The aim is to develop an architecture to facilitate the user with a way to either switch between the most appropriate mode of, or have seamlessly integrated, visualisations to understand there intersectional views of functional, physical and operation.


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EP/T517665/1 01/10/2019 30/09/2024
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