Integrated Propulsion Drive Design for Low Power Air Movement

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


Details of Project Plan including key milestones (1) To conduct a literature review of drive control architectures, with the aim of identifying one suitable to the project task: that being, the improvement of the efficiency, mass and noise production of a low power air propulsion system.
(2) Identifying the problems, issues and design considerations associated with a low power air propulsion system.
(3) Investigating different drive system, aiming to identify that which may best satisfy the goals decided upon.
(4) Investigating potential power converter strategies to be incorporated into the proposed product drive system. The aim of this project is to implement a power converter capable of, with minimal costs, driving an air propulsion system. This will involve identifying a power electronics solution that will offer the best compromise between the following parameters: size, cost, maintenance, reliability and efficiency.
(5) Exploration of various proposed design strategies using MATLAB Simulink. Narrowing down the potentialities to be pursued. An exploration of their effectiveness in addressing problems of cost, size, efficiency and noise.
(6) Based on simulation results, building hardware prototypes, testing the prototypes and further exploring feasibility.
(7) Writing up findings and thesis submission.

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Summary of the Proposed Project The proposed project aims to develop a robust, efficient and cost-effective solution to the task of designing an air propulsion drive system, with the goals of it being compact and low power in mind. Current technologies in use can be improved to make them longer lasting and more resilient.

The project seeks to identify the most appropriate compromise between cost, size, reliability, longevity and efficiency. Current air propulsion systems are often noisy, this is an area that, through exploration, will be considered.

To engage with the problem mentioned above, the author proposes the following course of action:

An exploration of conventional drive control architectures: this will consist of identifying potentials for system improvement from a control systems perspective.

Following the identification of a suitable control approach, the author aims to identify the power electronics solution best suited to being incorporated into the drive system decided upon. These developments will take place in consideration of the motor design solutions available. The author also aims to consider methods for improving the cost, efficiency and robustness of the power electronics used: this will involve looking at whether the number of switches used can be reduced.

The author also aims to investigate novel control methods for the reduction of wear in the drive system used. Reducing wear in the drive system will improve longevity, reducing the need for repair; further, it will also contribute to making the drive system more efficient and less noisy.


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