Engineering a Noiseless and Broadband Raman Quantum Memory for Temporal Mode Manipulation

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Oxford Physics


Single-mode broadband quantum memories provide unique capabilities that can enhance and expand the performance of future quantum networks. On the one hand, they facilitate the temporally multiplexed production of pure single photons at high clock rates, which can dramatically increase photon generation rates. On the other hand, their single mode nature allows for operation as a broadband beam splitter that can operate on novel bases for information encoding. Their usefulness within quantum architectures hinges on the ability to both preserve and to retrieve the non-classicality of the input quantum state, thus requiring low-noise operation.
This report details our recent progress in reducing the noise in the previously established Raman memory protocol via a novel method. By implementing this noise suppression scheme we are able to demonstrate the feasibility of retrieving a non-classical state following the storage of a single photon state, a thus-far impossibility in the standard Raman memory.

This project falls under the EPSRC Quantum components theme.


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