Protecting Drinking Water Safety

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Civil and Structural Engineering


This project would look to (evaluate existing and) develop new approaches to inform assessment of the need for service reservoir (SR) maintenance. It would explore the art of the possible for SR condition assessment, focusing on performance assessment. Initially it would build on current leading ideas for the application of technology such as BacMon or online Flow Cytometer technology - critically applied at both the SR inlet and outlet. As well as looking to emerging technology alternatives such as that developed between Birmingham (academic now at Bradford) and Sheffield Universities, which used targeted LED based florescence measurement: peak T and C as indicative of NOM and bacterial abundance. The scope for this project is open and would require some genuine blue sky approaches. All approaches would be based on in-service assessment, at a resolution (and hence level of information) far beyond that possible with discrete (water quality) sampling. The project would progress to full field application and evaluation of selected technologies.


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Studentship Projects

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EP/S023666/1 31/03/2019 29/09/2027
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