Computer simulation modelling of fast bowling to minimise lumbar stress fractures in cricket

Lead Research Organisation: Loughborough University
Department Name: Sch of Sport Exercise & Health Sciences


Lumbar stress fractures are the greatest time-loss injury in cricket and can contribute to premature retirement. Fast bowling places high loads upon the lumbar spine and is likely to contribute to the aetiology of lumbar stress fracture. This project will quantify the strain sustained by the lumbar spine of fast bowlers, where the strain is greatest, how strain differs between different bowling techniques, and if strain differs between players who suffer lumbar stress fracture and those who do not. The findings will help inform coaches on safe bowling techniques to minimise injury risk and prolong careers. The project will be based in the NCSEM-EM and will benefit from the Centre's facilities (motion analysis and magnetic resonance imaging) and clinical links. The study will also benefit from the ECB's facilities and access to elite cricketers.


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