Tuning into your body to manage self-harm: Conceptualisation and test of a novel treatment paradigm

Lead Research Organisation: Swansea University
Department Name: College of Human and Health Sciences


The collaborative project will conceptualise and test a novel technological intervention for those who selfinjure. A consideration is the sensitivity of the topic and the vulnerabilities of the population. However, the partner organisation Dechrau Newydd has extensive experience in providing evidence-based interventions to individuals who engage in high levels of self-harm. Dechrau Newydd will convene and oversee interviews with service users to ensure the emotional safety of Danielle and the service users who already receive one - to -one support from the team at Dechrau Newydd. As mentioned above, Danielle already has experience with this population and is sensitive to their needs. Swansea University Health and wellbeing as well as the supervisory team will maintain transparent communication with Danielle about these issues to ensure her wellbeing is maintained. The project will not commence without prior NREC approval. Prof. Jason Davies (second supervisor) is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who regularly treats those who have engaged in selfharm.


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