Development of Novel Nickel Brazing Filler Metals Based on High Entropy Alloys

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Materials Science and Engineering


Brazing is a method of joining materials with many unique and useful features. In the process, an additional alloy, called a filler metal, is melted between the two parts to be joined. The liquid wets the joint and on solidification forms a relatively strong, conductive joint. Uniquely this method can join dissimilar metals and ceramics, and parts of thin cross section with no line of sight to the joint. Brazed joints feature in many applications, including in advanced systems such as aerospace jet engines.

This project builds on recent developments in a CDT project between both the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester, and the company VBC group. In this work, several novel brazing alloy filler metals were developed for the brazing of nickel, and we intend to build on this work, potentially developing these alloys further or designing new ones, looking at such developments as active metal brazing for the bonding of metals to ceramics, or very high temperature brazing for use at temperatures in excess of 1200C.


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