Quantum strategies for super-resolution microscopy

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Physics


The Rayleigh criterion has been the main criterion for the resolution of an optical instrument, as it forbids the distinction between two point light sources depending on their separation and their wavelength. In the recent years, there have been developments in super-resolution microscopy and there are works [3,4,5] which show that there can be an estimation as to the separation of two point sources, using methods from quantum optics and quantum metrology, that does not suffer from the "Rayleigh's curse". These works examine the case of two point sources, so, the aim of the project is to extend these results to multiple point sources, using the results from the quantum multi-parameter estimation theory[1,2]. The results will give an insight to whether the resolution of microscopes can actually be enhanced and whether there can be quantum imaging below the Rayleigh limit.


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