Peptide-based full-spectrum fluorescence lifetime imaging in the brain

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Chemistry


Fluorescence microscopy provides the means to specifically image proteins within complex environments, such as the brain. However, this usually relies on covalently attaching an organic fluorophore to the protein, which is not possible within tissue. To circumvent this, we have developed a range of fluorescent peptides that are able to bind specifically to their target protein. Rather than relying on only the intensity, the fluorescence lifetime of the probe can provide information about its local environment. We will measure this using newly-developed spectrally resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) technology, allowing the aggregation state of the protein to be determined. The method will first be optimised on purified protein, before being used with human post-mortem tissue from the brain bank.


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De Moliner F (2022) Small Fluorogenic Amino Acids for Peptide-Guided Background-Free Imaging in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

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BB/T00875X/1 30/09/2020 29/09/2028
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