Estimating the Heating Demand of buildings in Urban-scale and defining the Data Challenges in scaling up from Buildings to Cities

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Faculty of Engineering


This PhD will examine the data requirements for the urban scale energy modelling, and more specifically for the estimation of heating demand, and the most effective
renovation strategies in order to be able to suggest a specific dataset and strategy, and to refurbish whole cities rapidly, so that we will know more about this field and the desicion makers could plan the renovation at urban scale easier for tackling effectively the future climate scenarios about climate change.
The aim of this PhD project is to evaluate the heating demand of buildings in a sample region, in order to formulate suggestions for the required data collection on the features of buildings and the urban environment to which the urban modelling is most sensitive.
Hence, some research questions that are resulted are the following:
What is the dataset that is needed for energy modelling at city scale?
What is the best technique to estimate the city energy performance?
Which is the most efficient order of the steps needed for the renovation of cities? (build a refurbishment strategy)
Will regions that are characterized by a high energy performance rate be energy efficient in future regarding future climate scenarios?
The objectives of the research project are:
1. To understand the policy-led targets for city or regional energy modelling. In other words, the goals that have been set and the strategies that are required to achieve those.
2. To define the data requirements for the UBEM.
3. To examine the parameters that are the most impactful for the energy performance of buildings, by sensitivity analysis.
4. To examine possible data sources for these parameters and evaluate the effect of them in final output.
5. To provide recommendations, regarding retrofit strategies, considering the future climate scenarios.


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