Emplacing sound perception - Soundscape appraisal, physical activity, and well-being in UK and Australian street verges

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Civil Environmental and Geomatic Eng


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To produce both the deep intellectual understanding and technical resource for the development of a design support tool that can combine the potential for co-creation of such urban spaces between designers and public, and to develop evaluation methods for urban spaces in terms of their performance in terms of improving mental health outcomes. A major element of this is the set of interfaces between the physical environment, soundscapes and people, so Julia will be trained in sonification and the ability to create soundscapes for testing in life-sized physical environments, in the PEARL facility and suitable environments in London and Perth/Freemantle. PEARL has a very sophisticated tripartite sound/acoustics system and comprehensive soundlab, as well as the facilities to create real urban spaces in which these sounds can be tested with people. This project will extend the previous work on soundscapes and sonification in Perth by members of CTS in Perth, and will combine this with the CTS involvement in increasing Sociality through urban design and function in the locality around PEARL. Linking the multisensorial urban environment with mental health issues is the topic of several research projects in PEARL, including our other UCL ECOBRAIN projects involving Psychology, Neuroscience and Engineering.


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EP/N509577/1 01/10/2016 30/09/2021
2433961 Studentship EP/N509577/1 12/11/2020 10/11/2024 Julia Foellmer
EP/T517793/1 01/10/2020 30/09/2025
2433961 Studentship EP/T517793/1 12/11/2020 10/11/2024 Julia Foellmer