Sustainable transport: a behavioural study investigating the implementation of battery electric vehicles in Wales

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Cardiff Business School


"Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) provides a low carbon emitting alternative that align with consumer eco consciousness (Fett et al, 2018). Despite the recent successes achieved by BEV, the number of BEVs registered are still insufficient in meeting sustainability goals proposed by Welsh Assembly Government. BEVs in Wales accounts for 1.6% of Welsh vehicles registered, with 0.15% of all vehicle types in the UK (IWA, 2018), demonstrating resistance and barriers in its adoption. Coffmann et al., (2016) highlight key barriers of this widespread adoption is due to negative consumers perception, awareness and misunderstanding of how BEVs operate. However, our understanding of how these factors are formed and interacted among so many stakeholders remains limited.
The Welsh government announced £74million investment in establish low-carbon emitting transport system, which included £29million towards Electric Vehicle advancements (Wales.Gov, 2019). Wales's ambition in operating an accessible and sustainable greener transport conforms with the European Councils efforts of achieving 40% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030 (EC, 2014). This has important implication for commitment, motivation and performance, and can place challenges for key stakeholders. We believe Welsh context represents a unique opportunity to research the initial reaction to this advancement, the outcome of which will have major impacts upon development of sustainable transport, marketing and improving consumers' lives. Capturing data on key decisions, planned interventions and responses from key stakeholders, in particularly consumers will help build an understanding of barriers involved in BEVs' adoption."


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