X-ray coherent studies of the dynamics in Arrays of interacting MesoSpins

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Physics


X-ray coherent scattering exploiting speckle and correlation spectroscopies will be used to probe the temporal evolution of the magnetisation in array of nanopatterned magnetic islands on different array geometries. As a function of temperature and applied field, both the dynamics of the individual moments as well as their collective behaviour will be explored as a function of array geometry. Modifying the array spacing and symmetries allows the impact of the inter-element dipole-dipole interactions to be tailored. The aim of the work is to explore fundamental models of magnetic ordering. By exploiting the control enabled through electron beam lithography, array architectures can be designed in which magnetic elements act as mesospin analogues to atomic moments and allow Ising and 2D-XY models to be tested and explored. The novelty of project is the focus on temporal studies across phase transitions with timescales ranging from tens of microseconds to minutes. Opening up the time window will support earlier studies of phase arrays which have been limited to slow dynamics and limited fields of view. The data will be recorded using resonant scattering at central facilities and is a collaboration between Warwick, NSLS-2 and the materials physics group at Uppsala University


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