Are young females with ADHD masking the signs of their condition? Developing digital/informatic techniques to identify and uncover hidden impairme

Lead Research Organisation: King's College London
Department Name: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Our aims are; (i) To identify tell-tale signs of self-regulation problems of primary school aged girls and to develop and validate short questionnaires that can be used alongside standard ADHD measures to screen females at risk for subsequent ADHD. (ii) To use Qbtech technology to experimentally examine the effects of cognitive load on task performance and activity of boys and girls identified by teachers and self-reports, as being at high and low risk for self-regulatory problems. (iii) To conduct a short-term follow up (after 12 months) of the children participating in the self-regulation and cognitive load experiment to see whether performance deficits in the high demand as opposed to the low demand situation predicted ADHD symptoms in early adolescence.


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