Linking precursory volcano deformation to eruptive activity using satellite InSAR

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Earth Sciences


This research will focus on the localized deformation patterns observed at the volcanoes of interest to the USGS. These volcanoes have over
the past decades expressed varying levels of volcanic activity. The link between the observable surface deformation and the subsurface
processes is important to understand in order to effectively emplace mitigation measures where necessary. The arrival of high-resolution
satellite SAR data allows for global volcano monitoring at an unprecedented scale.
With this research, I aim to further develop our ability to use this data to predict volcanic eruptions and identify related natural hazards. The
use of several satellite data sets allows for near real-time monitoring of volcanoes globally which opens up the possibility to create an
automatic volcano deformation detection system which is useful for volcanoes with limited on no in-situ surface deformation data collection.
Where possible, I think it is important to link the observed surface deformation from the SAR satellites to ground observations. The ground
observations often have a better temporal resolution allowing us to understand the dynamic nature of the volcanoes of interest to greater detail.
Additionally, these ground observations can be used for validation of the satellite SAR datasets.


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