Variable stars in the SuperWASP all sky survey

Lead Research Organisation: Open University
Department Name: Faculty of Sci, Tech, Eng & Maths (STEM)


The SuperWASP all sky photometric survey (Pollacco et al. 2006) is the most successful ground-based search for transiting exoplanets, having discovered >150 hot Jupiters. In 10 years of operation, it has also produced an archive of more than 30 million high cadence lightcurves comprising over 500 billion individual measurements of bright stars. In recent years we have exploited this photometric archive to address aspects of stellar evolution, focussing on eclipsing binaries and stellar multiplicity (Lohr et al. 2012; 2013a; 2013b; 2014a; 2014b; 2015a; 2015b) and on stellar pulsations (Norton et al. 2016; Holdsworth et al. 2014; Smalley et al. 2011; 2017, Greer et al. 2017).


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Studentship Projects

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ST/V50693X/1 01/10/2020 30/09/2024
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