Investigating the health and societal impacts of waterborne disease outbreaks in post-disaster contexts in Nepal

Lead Research Organisation: Queen Mary, University of London
Department Name: Geography


Knowledge about the scale and consequences of waterborne diseases in post-disaster is vital for the better management of potential health risks to local people and for the purposes of improving policy and decision making in future. It is necessary to explore how waterborne disease outbreaks occur in post- disaster contexts and to what extent such events are affecting local communities. There is a substantial research gap in terms of how we analyse post-disaster situations, especially in developing countries, unless we put considerable efforts into data generation, assimilation and scientific analysis, as well as identifying key gaps in current practices. As part of my research project, I plan to investigate waterborne disease outbreaks in post-disaster contexts in two selected sites in Nepal. I will collect both qualitative and quantitative data and information from various sources. I will also closely work with local communities and key stakeholders to generate data and knowledge suitable for risks management. Collected data and information will be systematically analysed by using appropriate data analytical methods and GIS-based mapping/modelling tools. I will also examine how post-disaster disease outbreaks are being managed by government authorities, concerned NGOs and health organizations. The proposed research, I believe, will produce new knowledge in this highly critical and demanding area of public health risks and associated societal wellbeing.


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ES/P000703/1 30/09/2017 29/09/2027
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