Investigation into the role of mRNA capping enzyme CMTR1 in liver tumorigenesis

Lead Research Organisation: Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute


CMTR1 is a methyltransferase responsible for completion of the Cap-1 structure of mRNA, which permits the innate immune system to differentiate self from non-self RNA transcripts and aids RNA processing alongside translation. Recent studies in RNA-capping enzymes suggest a role for these enzymes in T-cell activation and ESC differentiation via regulation of histone and ribosome biogenesis. Unpublished data points to a unique role for CMTR1 in the liver, where the absence of this enzyme induces fibrosis and hastens tumorigenesis in mouse models. To characterise CMTR1 in WT and tumour liver cells, liver samples from WT and oncogenic mouse models will be used. Characterisation will be enabled via a combination of techniques including: Western blotting, gel filtration chromatography, immunoprecipitation, and mass spectrometry. Biological relevance of CMTR1 characterisation and binding partners will be determined by RNA and ChIP seq and cell-based assays upon generation of the appropriate models.


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