2D Assembly of Single Atoms into Support Structures / Nanomembranes

Lead Research Organisation: Loughborough University
Department Name: Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


This project will develop a unique catalyst system where single atom catalysts are seeded in 2D nanomaterial based membranes. The planned material development will allow study of the catalysis process under nanoconfinement and realisation of the dual system for both precise molecular separation and atomic scale catalysis. By confining the catalysts in nanometre-size pores located in the 2D laminate membrane, we will tailor and investigate the interfaces between catalysts and 2D nanomaterials by taking advantages of rich surface chemistry of 2D nanosheets, and evaluate the membrane separation performance of bio-products from their complex reactants system in the biorefinery process. This project also involves theoretical study using various computational modelling techniques. The outcome of the project will enable highly efficient catalysis processes and provide fundamental understanding in catalysis at the atomic scale.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/N509516/1 01/10/2016 30/09/2021
2466421 Studentship EP/N509516/1 01/10/2020 31/03/2024 William Chartier
EP/R513088/1 01/10/2018 30/09/2023
2466421 Studentship EP/R513088/1 01/10/2020 31/03/2024 William Chartier
EP/T518098/1 01/10/2020 30/09/2025
2466421 Studentship EP/T518098/1 01/10/2020 31/03/2024 William Chartier