Development of molecular vapor deposition methods for high integrated battery/device systems

Lead Research Organisation: Swansea University
Department Name: School of Engineering


This project will develop new technologies related to plasma deposition coatings and new conformal thin film processes for functional industrial applications and will specifically develop integrated battery solutions with devices. Lithium-ion and Na-ion battery technology, using electrode coatings deposited via Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD), will be used as the power source for devices including wearables, MEMRistors, Sensors and Power Devices. Molecular vapor deposition (MVD) is a coating technique which can deposit very thin (few nm) and conformal films on a variety of substrates including those relevant in electrochemical applications such as metallic foils, composite particulate electrodes and oxide-based surfaces. MVD coatings can also be used in advanced packaging and passivation of devices.
The aim of the research is to exploit the capability and flexibility of MVD to grow functional thin films that conform to complex substrates for application in next generation rechargeable batteries, sensors, MEMRistors and other MEMS and Power devices - to demonstrate an integrated power source / device application. Coatings of dielectrics, metals, organics and hybrid organic-inorganic polymers will all be designed and incorporated into the integrated systems. The challenges are to interconnect and isolated the power sources with the devices to provide an ergonomic, lightweight and cost-effective system. Integrated systems could be used in everything from health diagnostics to smartphones.
The outcomes are multiple and include (i) building a fundamental understanding of the effect of tailored surface coatings on a variety of substrates, (ii) characterising the physical and electrical properties of MVD functional coatings and their deposition methodology (iii) to widen the applications of MVD techniques in coatings for batteries, medical devices, sensors, MEMRistors and power devices and (iv) to develop an integrated demonstrator system.


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