Room correction: a dynamic, adaptive approach

Lead Research Organisation: Queen Mary, University of London
Department Name: Sch of Electronic Eng & Computer Science


Investigate approaches to design and build a system to allow for dynamic equalization of sound for a listener moving in the room. The dynamic nature comes from allowing the person, room environment to change e.g., a listener does not sit in one position all the time, the furniture can be moved around, etc. In a cinema this is more so the case as the environment is not static.
The addition to the current body of knowledge in this area would be a system that adjusts the filter/equalizer of an adaptive filter to minimise the errors between the responses and the original signal taking multiple measurements at intervals or continuously whilst allowing a listener to move in the environment and/or the room configuration is changing e.g. opening a window, someone leaves the room.
Such a system can give a more uniform frequency response over a changing environment then a filter designed for a single point, static environment.


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