Development of technology to maintain and monitor viable and functional tissue in longterm culture

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: Sch of Electronics and Computer Sci


The process of discovery and development of new treatments is lengthy and costly, with a high rate of attrition between the preclinical and the clinical stages. This is mainly due to the inaccuracy of the methods and models used in the preclinical phase (traditional cell cultures and animal models). Thus, there is a need to investigate models that can recapitulate more precisely the physiological condition. In recent years, a new and promising approach has emerged: microphysiological systems, more specifically, organ-on-chip. This technology is becoming increasingly relevant for the study of disease states and to model organ functions and is already presenting promising results and breakthroughs. However, it still has some limitations due mainly to cell sourcing, and the still existing discrepancy with the in vivo situation. This report explores the different models used nowadays, their benefits and limitations, and presents a different approach that has not been widely investigated yet: the culture of whole tissue biopsies.


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