Theory of thermoelectric sensing of bio-molecules - 1=Quantum devices components and systems - 2=Physical Sciences

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


DNA sequencing (sensing the order of bases in a DNA strand) is an essential step toward personalised medicine for improving human health. Despite recent developments, conventional DNA sequencing methods are still expensive and time consuming. Therefore, the challenge of developing accurate, fast, and inexpensive, next-generation DNA sequencing alternatives has attracted huge scientific interest. An alternative strategy involves measuring changes in the electrical properties of a solid state membrane upon DNA translocation. However, a weak signal-to-noise ratio and a large device to device variation in such sensors have limited their application. This PhD project will exploit an innovative concept of utilising molecular-scale thermoelectricity for molecular sensing, including discriminating sensing of molecules such as DNA bases using changes in the Seebeck coefficient (Seebeck sensing). The fundamental science developed in this project will lead to significant academic impact and top-level scientific publications. The set of theoretical methodologies and design principles that will be developed will have immediate impact on our collaborating academic and industrial partners. It will also lead to new methodologies to use organic molecules for future biosensing with an impact on healthcare technologies.


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