Renewable Energy and its Effect on Interstate Conflict

Lead Research Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Department Name: Politics


This project seeks to identify the relationship between renewable energy production and the number of both military and economic conflict between states.
The global energy industry is in the midst of a seismic shift. The renewable energy market is exponentially growing in size and value. Simultaneously, the world's leading energy resource, oil, is declining in importance. It is the obligation of academics to discuss and examine the potential effects which may come with this change. This proposed project will contribute to this discussion by determining if some of the explanations that link oil production and states' propensity to go to war travels to renewable energy production. I will achieve this by testing if renewable energy companies will provide state leaders with the funds from renewable auctions and licensing to spend on their military and become more violent whilst simultaneously persuading them to raise import tariffs on foreign rivals' products through personal donations and contributions to their parties.
The completion of this project would have a significant impact on academic political science research and the wider society. First, it would further our knowledge of what causes states to engage in conflict and why this is the case. Second, as the world pushes for more renewable energy and greener policies, this project would draw attention to the potential dangers and effects increased renewable energy production may have for international security and economic cooperation.


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