Mental, physical, and sexual health and wellbeing in non-binary populations

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: School of Psychology


Increasing evidence shows the importance of gender identity and sexuality, as well as the need to
consider their intersections, in relation to the individual's physical and mental wellbeing. Notably,
research has demonstrated that sexual and gender minority individuals experience greater negative
mental and physical health outcomes (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress, substance abuse, chronic
disease, suicidality), than cisgender and heterosexual peers; research on their sexual health needs is
lacking. Furthermore, although research has highlighted that autistic traits might be more common in
non-binary individuals, this has not yet been considered in studies on sexuality, gender, and mental and
physical health which have mostly ignored individuals that fall outside of the "gender binary." This is
problematic because non-binary individuals often suffer from lack of appropriate support caused by the
absence of specialized knowledge and tools, and are frequently marginalized for their identity.
This project will explore aspects of non-binary identities, focusing on mental, physical, and sexual health
and wellbeing, as well as the presence of autistic traits, in order to develop a better and more in-depth
understanding of the needs of this population. Firstly, this project will develop an inclusive measure to
explore sexuality, gender, and health in non-binary individuals. This measure will be used in subsequent
studies to investigate associations between autistic traits, gender identity, and mental, physical, and
sexual health. Results of these studies will highlight and address the needs and realities of non-binary
individuals, and provide a much needed, solid groundwork for researchers and professionals in the
healthcare sector.


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