Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Optimisation of 14-3-3 Molecular Glues for Cancer Therapeutics

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leicester
Department Name: College of Science and Engineering


Using drugs that 'stick' proteins together, or 'molecular glues', is a potentially hugely powerful therapeutic strategy across a range of disease areas. However, molecular glues have not been exploited to anywhere near their full potential in large part because their development has been hampered by a lack of tools that tell us how they work. This project will adapt, refine and use a technique called native mass spectrometry to guide the design and optimisation of molecular glues. The native mass spectrometry approach for studying molecular glues was recently developed in our laboratories and has exciting potential for speeding up the optimisation of molecular glues. We will focus on the design and optimisation of glues that target the interactions of an important protein called 14-3-3 which plays a particularly important role in preventing and fighting cancer. Thus the project will deliver much needed novel cancer therapies which can ultimately be used to tackle hard to treat cancers or problems surrounding drug resistance. This is a highly interdisciplinary project that will provide world-class training in native mass spectrometry techniques, chemical biology and drug design.


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