High Build Rate WAAM Process With Inter-Pass Cold-Work to Produce Steel With High Mechanical Properties

Lead Research Organisation: Cranfield University
Department Name: Sch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufact


The scientific hypothesis that the student will be testing is: large steel components can be efficiently produced with high mechanical properties using high deposition rate CW-MIG WAAM combined with in process cold-work. The objectives of this research are:
1. To study the metallurgical evolution of steels made by CW-MIG WAAM process, and investigate the relationship between the thermal conditions, microstructure formation and the material properties.
2. To establish the range of process conditions for the CW-MIG WAAM process which deposit steels with required material properties without the need for a post build heat treatment.
3. To investigate the effect of an integrated deformation process, cold work and/or hot work, on the material properties of the steels made by CW-MIG WAAM process.

This project will focus on low alloy steels. Exact material types will be decided when the study starts and will align with the existing research topics from the NEWAM project.


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