Rapid Emplacement of the Lower Deccan Traps and its Implications for Late Cretaceous Climate Change

Lead Research Organisation: The Open University
Department Name: Faculty of Sci, Tech, Eng & Maths (STEM)


The Deccan Large Igneous Province (LIP) is associated with the Crestaceous-Paleogene Boundary(KPB) mass extinction event at 66Ma. However, this is not the only environmental crisis it is linked to Petersen et al. 2016 show a regional warming and extinction event in Antarctica and Hull et al 2020 constrain an implied major volcanic outgassing event. Both are 250,000 years before the KPB. Such events suggest a sustained period of large volume of volcanic activity. The Thakurvadi Formation in the Kalsubai Sub-group, Deccan, is a prime candidate for this.



Tanvi Chopra (Student)


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