Low Cost Nuclear Phase 1


The project’s goal is to investigate and develop innovative approaches to nuclear power station
design that will enable the development of a new type of nuclear power station that can provide
electricity at rates competitive with other technologies such as renewables and Gas with
carbon capture and storage (CCS). The project focusses on incorporating the latest digital
technologies, factory production processes and waste reduction systems into an integrated
design development programme. This project will act as proof of concept that the resulting
power station design would meet societal, environmental, technical and commercial
The consortium of 10 organisations delivering the project are targeting successful delivery of
this initial phase of work within 16 months. Upon successful completion of this project, the
consortium intends to continue development of the novel small modular nuclear power station
design; with the expressed goal of deploying a fleet of these cost effective, low-carbon power
stations through the 2030s and 2040s both in the UK and around the world. Ultimately, this will
enable the UK to meet its carbon reduction goals, address the global climate change challenge
and access an export market worth in excess of £200Bn by the 2030s.
Successful delivery of this project will yield technologies, processes and tools that are also
applicable to other novel power station designs, such as advanced modular reactors (AMR),
future fusion programmes and other major infrastructure programmes.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Rolls-Royce Power Engineering Plc, DERBYSHIRE £17,744,834 £ 8,505,099


Bam Nuttall Limited, Camberley £483,613 £ 240,839
Assystem Energy & Infrastructure Limited, Blackburn £4,127,770 £ 1,999,492
National Nuclear Laboratory Limited, Warrington £1,315,020 £ 654,880
Atkins UK, United Kingdom £4,901,662 £ 2,386,129
Jacobs Clean Energy Limited £3,992,159 £ 1,923,844
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £639,121 £ 639,121
The Welding Institute £986,479 £ 986,479
Laing O'rourke Services Limited £808,856 £ 402,810


10 25 50