3D Imaging Platform for Localisation & Survey- Prototype Development

Lead Participant: Oxbotica Limited


Oxbotica is a new spin-out from Oxford University’s internationally acclaimed Mobile
Robotics Group (mrg.robots.ox.ac.uk), specialising in mobile autonomy, navigation and
perception. We enable smart adoption of mobile autonomy, by drawing on world leading
research into autonomous robotics. Our solutions allow robots, vehicles, machinery and
people to precisely map, navigate and actively interact with their surroundings, delivering
added functionality, capability and precision to a wide range of applications. Our 3D imaging
and localisation solutions operate indoors and outdoors and are seamlessly scalable. Our core
technology is suitable for use in numerous applications including hand held survey devices
and autonomous vehicles
In this project we will develop a concept NAvigation Base Unit into a production-feasible
prototype. NABU is a disruptive technology and introduces a low cost, infrastructure free
(without GPS), 3D imaging device which uses patented laser and vision integration to rapidly
scan an indoor or outdoor environment and translate this into information that can be
deployed in survey, simulation or mobile autonomy applications - see Appendix A for details
The know-how in NABU is a cornerstone of Oxford’s RobotCar programme
(www.robotcar.org.uk), and elements of the IP have also been licensed to ESA’s ExoMars
programme . The device is based on over 100 person years of Oxford University research
into combining machine vision and laser scanning to form 3D scene models. This project will
ruggedize a proof of concept device, add a user interface and develop significant postprocessing
capabilities that can be tailored to fit applications across multiple domains.
Proof of concept and early user testing has already been undertaken with support by EPSRC
Impact Acceleration funding. End user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This
funding will enable the development of a fully robust prototype, suitable for early

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Oxbotica Limited, OXFORD £599,371 £ 249,998


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