India Partnering Award: Development and application of lactic acid bacteria as designer probiotics

Lead Research Organisation: Institute of Food Research
Department Name: Gut Microbes and Health


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Description The first meeting was held in India in September 2014 and plans for collaboration were agreed.
Indian collaborator visited IFR and developed skills in gene knockout in Lactococcus lactis. The work is now continuing in CFTRI and is progressing well
A PhD student visited QIB for 5 months between November and was trained in functional analysis of probiotics. A manuscript is has been drafted for publication.
2nd workshop of the participating partners was held in February 2018 at National Dairy Research Institute in Karnal, India where the partnership progress was discussed and further collaborations were planned.
Exploitation Route The project will provide knowledge exchange between researchers form UK and India and to develop future more substantial joint funding grants.
A joint grant application for a fellowship to further develop this UK-India link has was successfully submitted and a postdoc who originally trained at NDRI will come to QIB for collaborative research to enhance the collaborations set up during this partnership.
The partnership has led to further collaborations between NDRI and QIB but with another research Leaser within QIB with expertise in food colloids.
The plans are to explore further funding via funding sources in India and Newton funding in UK.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Creative Economy,Healthcare,Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology

Description Oversears DBT fellowship
Amount रू 2,500,000 (INR)
Organisation Ministry of Science and Technology India 
Department Department of Biotechnology, India
Sector Public
Country India
Start 08/2018 
End 07/2019
Description Functional analysis of probiotics 
Organisation Guru Nanak Dev University
PI Contribution Provided training to the PhD student from Guru Nanak Dev University, Sumanpreet Kaur Saini. She undertook collaborative research in QIB and acquired skills in whole genome, sequencing, bioinformatics, Tissue culture and antimicrobial and antibiofilm assays.
Collaborator Contribution They provided manpower, bacterial strains and background information on the strains
Impact Sequence data and experimental that can be published in the future
Start Year 2017
Description Joint workshop 
Organisation National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India
Country India 
Sector Public 
PI Contribution Dr Ramachandra Gadre attended both the kick off meeting as well as the 1st joint workshop held in CFTRI, Mysore, as well as the 2nd workshop meeting in NDRI, Karnal India
Collaborator Contribution Dr Gadre gave a presentation at the workshop and contributed to the planning and execution of the joint networking workshop
Impact Multidisciplinary network meeting with agreement on the future collaboration
Start Year 2014
Description workshop India 
Organisation National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India
Country India 
Sector Public 
PI Contribution QI planned and organised the workshop and gave a presentation and contributed to the discussion.
Collaborator Contribution NDRI hosted the meeting, gave a presentation and contributed to the discussions CFTRI and NCL gave a presentation and contributed to the discussions
Impact 1. Multidisciplinary network meeting. 2.agreement on the future collaboration
Start Year 2014