Behavioural modelling using retail basket data

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Geography


The focus of my academic studies and my career has always been on the consumer; what they do, when they do it, why they do it? I believed I was on the right track to be able to understand them fully. However, I now do not see a way in which I can be wholly competent in understanding consumers until I fully investigate the 'where' element. Despite the fact I had never imagined Geospatial Analysis to be something that would be part of my career path, I now consider it to be vital in allowing further success in my studies.
Marketing has always been at the core of my efforts and interests. However, I always craved a deeper knowledge than linear marketing provided. I wanted to understand why specific decisions were made - I wanted to know why an advert used red paint on the walls, or why a promotion lasted 4 days, not 5. This desire encouraged me to develop my understanding of the statistics and data involved. From completing a statistics GCSE to excelling in the data modules of my BSc, numbers have commonly been at the forefront of my accomplishments. There has always been a level of applied statistics and data within the Psychology I have studied, so I have had involvement in not only dealing with data, but applying it and analysing it in context, which is something I am highly enthused by.
The visual factor of Geospatial Analysis intrigues me further, as the concept of complex data being 'explained' by a visual aid opens up much broader levels of understanding for both the analyst and the user. Although I may hold alternative experiences to those of the typical applicant of this MSc, I have great knowledge in what is done with data once it has been analysed. I have analysed and explained data results using a psychological background and then used this to influence future business decisions as a company might too. Hence, where I may lack thorough experience in handling data in such a way, I believe that my understanding of the deeper context and how collected data is used outweighs this.
My internship and graduate job with Bakedin gave me practice with business-oriented data analysis. For instance, the location in which our products were sold had a huge impact on what decisions were made. Understanding the financial and cultural differences of the North and South of England meant we could target relevant products to relevant suppliers, resulting in increased repeat sales. We also held a subscription service which required me to perform continuous examination of customer feedback and figures on customer acquisition, retention and loss. I held the job whilst completing my final year of university, highlighting my commitment to enhancing my skills and capabilities.
Whilst this course is a stepping stone to completing the Studentship with CDRC and Transport for West Midlands, the opportunity to complete a Masters degree at UCL is an simply something that no other route could offer, nor would I hold the honour of completing such a programme.


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