nderstanding tensions in cosmological measurements

Lead Research Organisation: University of Portsmouth
Department Name: Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation


There are currently several important tensions in the measurements of cosmological probes. Firstly,
the current expansion rate of the Universe is found to have fairly significantly contrasting values
depending on whether expansion is inferred from nearby probes (e.g. supernovae together with the
distance ladder) or distant ones (the Cosmic Microwave Background). Secondly, the amount of
clustering of material in the current Universe is found to be different when inferred from nearby probes
(e.g. weak lensing) or distant ones (the Cosmic Microwave Background).
What is going on? This project will seek to (a) collate and assess the current reported measurements,
particularly focusing on finding where the tensions really lie; (b) find the level of success with which
new dark energy and gravity theories can account for the tensions; (c) engage in measuring the
tensions with the full Dark Energy Survey.
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