EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Ultrasonic Engineering

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Engineering


Ultrasonics, the science and technology of sound at frequencies above the audible range, has a huge range of applications in sensing and remote delivery of energy.

In sensing, 20% of medical scans rely on ultrasonics for increasingly diverse procedures. Ultrasonics is pervasive in underwater sensing and communication and a key technology for non-destructive evaluation. Ultrasonic devices are essential components in every mobile phone and are being developed for enhanced biometric security.

Ultrasound is also important in remote delivery of energy. In medical therapy, it is used to treat neural dysfunction and cancer. Many surgical tools are actuated with ultrasound. As the best way to clean surfaces and bond interconnects, ultrasound is pervasive in semiconductor and electronics fabrication; it is also being explored for power delivery to implants and to give a contactless sense of touch.

Such a broad range of applications predicts an exciting future: new materials will emerge into applications; semiconductor circuits will deliver smaller, more convenient instrumentation systems; autonomy and robotics will call for better sensors; and data analysis will benefit from machine learning.

To maintain competitive advantage in this dynamic and multidisciplinary topic, companies worldwide rely on ambitious, innovative engineers to provide their unique knowledge of ultrasonics. As a significant contribution to address this need, Medical & Industrial Ultrasonics at the University of Glasgow and the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering at the University of Strathclyde will combine to form the Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Ultrasonic Engineering (FUSE), the largest academic ultrasonic engineering unit in the world.

Working with more than 30 external organisations, from microcompanies to multinationals, this will, for the first time, enable systematic training of a new generation of leaders in ultrasonics research, engineering and product development. This training will take place in the world-class research environment provided by two of the UK's pre-eminent universities with its partners, creating a training and research powerhouse in ultrasonics that will attract the best students and put them at the global forefront of the field.

Planned Impact

FUSE has been designed to maximise impact in partnership with industry, international academics, and other organisations such as NPL and the NHS. It includes funded mechanisms to deal with opportunities in equality, diversity and integration (EDI) and in realisation of impactful outcomes.

EDI is aimed at realising the full potential of the talented individuals that join FUSE. Funding mechanisms include support for ten undergraduate internships to prime the pipeline into FUSE research studentships; part-time studentships reserved for people with specific needs to access this route; and talent scholarships for people from Widening Participation backgrounds. Additionally, cultural issues will be addressed through funded support for work life-balance activities and for workshops exploring the enhancement of research creativity and inventiveness through diversity.

People: As a community, FUSE will contribute to impact principally through its excellent training of outstanding people. At least 54 EngD and PhD graduates will emerge with very high value skills from the experience FUSE will provide in ultrasonics and through highly relevant professional skills. This will position them perfectly as future leaders in ultrasonics in the types of organisation represented by the partners.

Knowledge: FUSE will also create significant knowledge which will be captured in many different forms including industrial know-how, patents and processes, designs, and academic papers. Management of this knowledge will be integrated into the students' training, including data management and archival, and will be communicated effectively to those in positions to exploit it.

Economic Gain: In turn, the people and knowledge will lead to the economic impact that FUSE is ultimately designed to generate. The close interaction between the FUSE academics, its research students and industry partners will make it particularly efficient and, since FUSE includes both suppliers and customers, the transition from knowledge creation to exploitation will be accelerated.

Societal Benefit: FUSE is well placed to deliver a number of societal benefits which will reinforce our researcher training and external partner impacts. This activity encompasses new consumer products; improved public safety through advanced inspection across many industrial sectors; and new modalities for medical surgery and therapy. In addition, FUSE will provide engaging demonstrators to promote education in science, technology, engineering and maths, helping replenish the FUSE pipeline and supporting growth of the FUSE community far beyond its immediate members.

Impactful outcomes will gain from several specific funding mechanisms: horizon scanning workshops will focus on specific ultrasonic engineering application areas with industrial and other external participation; all FUSE students will have external partners and both industrial and international academic secondments will be arranged, as well as EngD studentships primarily in industry; and industry case studies will be considered. There will also be STEM promotion activity, funding ultrasonic technology demonstrators to support school outreach and public science and engineering events.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/S023879/1 01/07/2019 31/12/2027
2285002 Studentship EP/S023879/1 16/09/2019 15/09/2023 Ben Jacobson
2296310 Studentship EP/S023879/1 16/09/2019 16/12/2024 Alicia Gardiner
2296319 Studentship EP/S023879/1 16/09/2019 06/09/2021 Darya Shulakova
2296293 Studentship EP/S023879/1 16/09/2019 10/11/2023 Abdul Chibli
2296303 Studentship EP/S023879/1 16/09/2019 09/06/2023 Maura Allan
2296345 Studentship EP/S023879/1 16/09/2019 31/07/2021 Ayoub Isaac
2296317 Studentship EP/S023879/1 16/09/2019 30/09/2023 Alistair Lawley
2446748 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 30/10/2020 Trudy Craw
2447291 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 13/09/2024 Olubunmi Onanuga
2447288 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 11/01/2021 Louise Macdonald
2446551 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 14/09/2024 Dennis Abraham
2645064 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 14/09/2024 Dion Blackburn
2446561 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 13/10/2024 Jade Tomkinson
2645063 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 13/09/2024 Hildegard Metzger
2446758 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 28/02/2021 Stewart Key
2446513 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 13/09/2024 Lyne Mkoh
2446733 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 31/03/2021 Matthew Dowhan
2446509 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 14/09/2021 Emily Kerr
2447274 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 14/09/2021 Haaris Azhar
2447290 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 14/09/2024 Dion Blackburn
2446558 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 14/09/2024 Panagiotis Kamintzis
2446713 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 14/09/2024 Hildegard Metzger
2446569 Studentship EP/S023879/1 14/09/2020 13/09/2024 Mohamed Abdalla
2603223 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 13/09/2025 Rachel Stoakes
2602933 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 12/09/2025 Dominik Duklas
2603427 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 12/09/2025 Priyanka Dhiwa
2603482 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 13/09/2025 Aasim Mohamed
2603186 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 12/09/2025 Zhijun Qian
2603438 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 13/10/2025 Luke Prentice
2603130 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 12/09/2025 Agnese Ola
2603419 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 13/09/2025 Adam Getty
2602914 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 20/12/2025 Shahzaib Azam
2602985 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 13/09/2025 Elmergue Germano
2602862 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 12/09/2025 Saja Al Ani
2603322 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 13/09/2025 Vedran Tunukovic
2603115 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 12/09/2025 Yijia Hao
2603371 Studentship EP/S023879/1 13/09/2021 13/09/2025 Andrea Orthodoxou
2744528 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Dorottya Palkovits
2744422 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/11/2026 Anna Alexandrou
2744512 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Angelos Dimakos
2744611 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Nassima Salhi
2744616 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Joseph Kinney
2744589 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Adel Gani
2744486 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Faraz Amini Boroujeni
2744695 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Nikodemos Konstantinou
2744567 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Christine Mosses
2744677 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Katie Wilkie
2744684 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Joseph Walker
2744576 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 David Blackburn
2744604 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 James Anderson
2744495 Studentship EP/S023879/1 19/09/2022 18/09/2026 Waleed Dawi
2886016 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Kwopnan Dikwal
2886076 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Rachel Silvester Williams
2886002 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Muhammed-Rashid Patel
2886059 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Jason McKenna
2886023 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Shuang Tang
2886030 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Saeed Talabari
2885955 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Mitra Gupta
2886068 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Sam White
2885961 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 16/09/2028 Joseph Purvis
2885936 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Xanthe Miller
2886053 Studentship EP/S023879/1 18/09/2023 17/09/2027 Leah Douglas