DTP 2020-2021 University of Sheffield

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Research Finance


At The University of Sheffield, our mission is to 'Discover the causes of things' and to 'Make a Difference'. We undertake world-leading research across the Engineering and Physical Sciences, which also finds applications for the benefit of society and the economy in a range of exciting and unexpected ways.
Our strategy for postgraduate research students (PGRs) is to recruit a diverse range of capable, intellectually curious individuals into areas of research strength, into areas where we are growing in capacity and where interdisciplinary approaches are needed to solve significant challenges. This ensures that our PGR community benefits from exciting projects, with excellent supervision and support for professional development, as well as access to the infrastructure and research facilities required for their research. This approach also ensures that our PGRs benefit from an inclusive and supportive research environment. Projects are challenging, but research is undertaken in an environment which allows students to explore issues of integrity in research, while enabling students to explore their professional development and future career choices.

Opportunities funded from the EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership include:
Supervisor-led research projects
CASE partnership awards, which enable research students to work closely with a company or other partner, on a problem which the company has helped to define and spending some time gaining experience of a company setting
Interdisciplinary projects in strategically important 'challenge' areas such as future energy technology, healthcare challenges and sustainability
Doctoral prize fellowships, designed to allow recent EPSRC-funded PhD graduates to identify and undertake an independent research project to develop their own research career.

Our professional skills development framework and peer-to-peer support networks ensure that PGRs access the development opportunities needed to explore and expand their thinking, as well as the fundamental research training needed to underpin a doctoral research programme. Alongside the specific skills and techniques required to undertake the research project, students benefit from an on-going focus on a collaborative and inclusive research culture and on issues of integrity, including the open science agenda. Our award-winning Think Ahead programme provides opportunities to develop and recognise higher level transferable skills such as leadership, collaboration, critical and strategic thinking, and prepares students for careers in a range of contexts.
We recognise that many postgraduate research students will go on to successful careers outside of academic research and that experience of working with business and other non-academic organisations is valuable. For this reason, we work with Industry, locally and nationally, to ensure that as many of our studentships as possible involve non-academic experience.

Studentships are available across Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. We also have studentships in 'challenge' areas which cross between EPSRC remit and other disciplines. Examples might include healthcare technology, energy, sustainability. Studentships are either 3.5 or 4 years' duration depending on the nature of the programme. All students are enabled to submit their thesis by the end of their funded period by our approach to identifying a core set of expectations and competencies we expect students to achieve which are transparent and communicated.
EPSRC funded students have the possibility to go on to Postdoctoral scholarships, to access our publication fund and to access high quality careers advice as they make choices about their future direction.
Information for prospective supervisors is here: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/rs/scholarships/dept

Prospective students can search our project directory here: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/postgraduate/phd/scholarships/projects


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/T517835/1 01/10/2020 30/09/2025
2446582 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 31/03/2024 Joe Daniel Longbottom
2485438 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 30/03/2024 Douglas Scammell
2483341 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/09/2024 Melinda Go
2443523 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 30/03/2024 Iwo Slodczyk
2483281 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/03/2024 Lawson Taylor Glasby
2565312 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/03/2024 Matthew Carr
2483305 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/09/2024 Paul Edward Coombes
2565596 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/03/2024 Henry O'Keeffe
2441692 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/03/2024 Paige Elizabeth Baldwin
2496527 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/03/2024 Thomas Mark McDonald
2565607 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 27/03/2024 Harry Mcdowell
2446625 Studentship EP/T517835/1 28/09/2020 31/03/2024 Kieran Nar
2564248 Studentship EP/T517835/1 30/09/2020 29/09/2024 Arthur Van Lerberghe
2574380 Studentship EP/T517835/1 30/09/2020 29/09/2024 Arthur Van Lerberghe
2574267 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 30/04/2024 Adrien Gallet
2485434 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Joseph Weeks
2485443 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Jonathan Hinchliffe
2574387 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 30/04/2024 Adam Arthur Dennis
2493915 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 23/05/2024 Alexander Arscott-Barber
2496670 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Benediktas McDonald Valys
2467982 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Nahal Ossadat Shahidan
2483240 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/10/2024 James Lee
2453424 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Benedict Smith
2485415 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Samuel Maguire
2484817 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/10/2024 Alasdair McLean
2482663 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Peter Millington-Hotze
2574297 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 30/04/2024 Edward William Powell
2485356 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Maleeha Khawaja
2484139 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/10/2024 Matthew Jones
2470080 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Phoebe-Claire Bramley
2483130 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Mehdi Ait Yahia
2453359 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Negar Nikki Mansouriboroujeni
2485440 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/10/2023 Hanz Tantiangco
2483277 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Abigail Frances Barton
2453262 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Fourat Keskin
2483274 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Timothy Thornber
2485468 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Rebecca Livesey
2485327 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 David Williams
2485290 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Megan Oliver
2574292 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 30/04/2024 Elvis Ngaifoingwe Kufoin
2496521 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Matthew Stephen Lyon
2485477 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Oliver House
2458972 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 13/04/2024 Saira O'Reilly
2443528 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Jasmine Catlow
2544261 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Sophie Scutt
2453322 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Fraser Beaumont
2559088 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Jennifer Hughes
2482664 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Max McCarthy
2482997 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Jack Samuel Ledingham
2481827 Studentship EP/T517835/1 26/10/2020 25/04/2024 Rashid Khashiev
2496738 Studentship EP/T517835/1 02/11/2020 02/05/2024 Muhammad Ali Shiwani
2496876 Studentship EP/T517835/1 08/02/2021 07/08/2024 Artur Piotr Graczyk
2562061 Studentship EP/T517835/1 01/06/2021 31/12/2024 Louise Erkers
2570328 Studentship EP/T517835/1 01/07/2021 31/12/2024 Aaron Kreji