DTP 2018-19 University of Surrey

Lead Research Organisation: University of Surrey
Department Name: Finance and Financial Management


The University of Surrey's Doctoral College supports around 1,200 postgraduate researchers (PGRs) studying for the degree of PhD. Full time (30-48 Months), part time (60-96 Months) or collaborative options are available. The EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) supports opportunities across a broad range of subjects including Electronics, Physics, Chemistry,
Civil/Chemical/Mechanical/Aerospace/ Environmental Engineering, Computing, Mathematics,
Sociology and Psychology. The University maintains a research directory
(www.surrey.ac.uk/research) and more details on postgraduate research opportunities are available at our doctoral college https://www.surrey.ac.uk/doctoral-college.

The DTP supports funding for excellence in both research topic and candidate. Our main recruitment is for an Oct Start but there are 4 start dates throughout the year (Jan, April, July and Oct) and studentship opportunities are advertised throughout the year on the universities website (https://jobs.surrey.ac.uk/) as well as subject specific press. High calibre students can apply for funded positions at any time by contacting the relevant units of research
(www.surrey.ac.uk/postgraduate/research). General enquires should be addressed to admissions@surrey.ac.uk. Funding is normally provided for 36 months with the opportunity to apply for up to a 6-month extension.

As well as offering a high-quality research training experience, our DTPs have the following features.
Industrial collaboration pervades all aspects of work at Surrey. Almost all our UG courses offer an optional year-long industry placement. Over the last 5 years we have worked with more than 2,300 employers and are regularly in the top two Higher Education Institutions for graduate employability. We were pioneers in postgraduate training and championed the Engineering Doctorate. We emphasise the value of industrial collaboration offering partfunded collaborative PhD and CASE studentships. Companies interested in collaborative postgraduate research should contact either a member of staff in a relevant subject area or FEPS-doctoralcollege@surrey.ac.uk.
Doctoral Prizes provide the opportunity for high calibre scientists to start their academic careers following completion of a PhD. These are targeted at attracting new talent to Surrey with a view to generating impact from their research. Potential candidates should contact FEPS-doctoralcollege@surrey.ac.uk.
Vacation Bursaries. DTP funding provides around 10 vacation bursaries each year, offered to budding new scientists during their undergraduate study. These bursaries provide a 10-week summer placement in a research environment to experience life in research and gain work experience not on offer outside of academia. Interested students should contact a member of staff in a relevant subject area as applications need to be endorsed by a member of staff. See www.surrey.ac.uk/research for our research directory.

The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) as part of the Doctoral College: provides a range of workshops and support mechanisms for both PhD and early career researchers. It has twice been shortlisted for the THE awards. To choose just two areas of note, there are workshops that specifically help with the PhD (thesis writing, managing supervisors, viva process) as well as those developing broader transferable skills (presentation skills, CV writing, impact). The RDP team also provide one-to-one support and mentoring. To find out more visit www.surrey.ac.uk/researcherdevelopment-programme
While the majority of DTP funding is allocated to UK students, funding is available to support high calibre candidates from overseas. These studentships are highly competitive and selected by internal competition. It is important that candidates apply early in the academic year (autumn) to identify a suitable project and supervisor. The selection process runs in February for an October start of the same year.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/R513350/1 01/10/2018 30/09/2023
2116920 Studentship EP/R513350/1 24/09/2018 31/01/2022 MASON MALLOY
2115558 Studentship EP/R513350/1 24/09/2018 30/06/2022 MATTHEW FAULKNER
2141809 Studentship EP/R513350/1 24/09/2018 31/03/2022 Imran Usmani
2117468 Studentship EP/R513350/1 24/09/2018 31/05/2022 THOMAS WARREN
2116510 Studentship EP/R513350/1 24/09/2018 31/03/2022 LUCY JACKSON
2119786 Studentship EP/R513350/1 24/09/2018 30/09/2021 Jonah Varney
2197029 Studentship EP/R513350/1 01/01/2019 31/12/2021 Andrew Bailey
2252905 Studentship EP/R513350/1 01/07/2019 31/08/2025 Richard Thompson
2243902 Studentship EP/R513350/1 01/07/2019 30/06/2022 Gianluc LUI LUI
2283860 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 30/09/2022 Bruno Sterner
2283387 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 30/09/2022 Stephen Falconer
2282169 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 31/01/2024 Sergio Da Silva
2283504 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 30/09/2022 Simone Mathias
2289140 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 31/03/2023 Dan Ruta
2283825 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 30/09/2022 Matthew Spick
2289152 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 31/03/2023 Anand Gurung
2389959 Studentship EP/R513350/1 30/09/2019 30/09/2022 Jigar Dubal
2377477 Studentship EP/R513350/1 01/10/2019 30/09/2022 Jake Cumber
2315114 Studentship EP/R513350/1 01/01/2020 04/08/2023 Fabio Capraro
2321608 Studentship EP/R513350/1 06/01/2020 31/12/2022 Leslie Askew
2408966 Studentship EP/R513350/1 01/07/2020 30/06/2023 Laura Jones