DTP 2020-2021 University of Warwick

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Physics


Warwick's Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EPSRC) Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP) allocation will provide dedicated support for PhD research training in Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS), over a five year period commencing in October 2020. Supported by the EPSRC DTP, Warwick will fund at least 53 3.5 year studentships across our Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, the School of Engineering and Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Through the DTP, we will train the next generation of future research leaders in our world-leading research facilities, supported by expert supervisors and a dynamic interdisciplinary research community. PhD projects will be available across a range of topics and disciplines, with opportunities to collaborate internally across departments and externally with our extensive network of industrial partners. Students will benefit from access to state of the art research facilities and technologies, support and mentorship from world leading supervisors, and a comprehensive training programme and professional skills development.

The Warwick EPSRC DTP offers:

An opportunity for the next generation of young researchers to address key strategic priorities in engineering and physical sciences.
An exceptional programme of research training with opportunities for interdisciplinary research and industrial collaborations.
Access to world leading technologies and state-of-the-art facilities.
Excellent standards of supervision, management and mentoring.
Ongoing career advice to enable students to explore the impact they can have in a wide range of sectors and so develop and manage their careers.

Training Provision

Our PhD students are offered a broad range of training opportunities on topics which build research skills and professional development, and are critical to a life beyond PhD research. All EPS PhD students are enrolled on the accredited PG Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science (PGCTSS) (https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/pioneers/pgcts), which provides graduates with a skill set appropriate for any future career, develops critical analysis and encourages reflective thinking. All of our doctoral research students are encouraged to invest in their professional development, and our Professional Development Framework was specifically developed to support our PhD students' professional development needs (https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/academicoffice/gsp/professionaldevelopment/pgrdevelopment/).

Project Areas

DTP projects will be available across the breadth of Warwick's EPS portfolio in research areas that are aligned to EPSRC's priorities. Each project will have a lead academic host department, with studentships pre-allocated by discipline. Academic staff interested in proposing a research project should contact their department's director of graduate studies.


For studentships starting in Oct 2020, we aim to start the recruitment process before end Jan 2020. Adverts for the first set of projects should go live in Jan 2020 with a latest closing date of April 2020. DTP opportunities will be widely advertised on web sites including jobs.ac.uk and findaphd.com, as well as on the web pages of host departments and the University's Graduate School.

Further Information

Details about Warwick EPS research priorities can be found on the University website http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci

Information on Warwick doctoral research opportunities can be found on the Graduate School website https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/academicoffice/gsp

Questions about the Warwick EPSRC DTP programme should be sent to graduateschool@warwick.ac.uk


10 25 50

Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/T51794X/1 30/09/2020 29/09/2025
2108741 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 30/09/2018 17/04/2024 Joseph Cregeen
2302539 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 16/12/2019 28/03/2024 Olusola Browne
2454126 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 31/05/2020 24/05/2024 David Ireland
2444835 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Benedict Clements
2436228 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Finnbar Keating
2436353 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 29/06/2024 Henry Sinclair-Banks
2435782 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Ian Roberts
2374218 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Henry PAIRAUDEAU
2435327 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Andreas KOLLER
2435624 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Shroya Vaidya
2435343 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Elvira LUPOIAN
2510758 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 24/08/2024 Hussain Abass
2435643 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 George Wood
2435429 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Irene Gil Fernández
2435792 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 26/06/2024 Charita Dellaporta
2441114 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 04/04/2024 William Naylor
2263072 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Sammy HASSAN
2441471 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 30/07/2023 James EVERITT
2435606 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 02/05/2024 Alkaios Stamatelatos
2436418 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 26/03/2024 Luke Harrison
2433612 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 29/06/2024 STEPHEN BROWN
2374438 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Josiah JORDAN
2401573 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 29/09/2024 Francesca BELLINGERI
2435444 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Barnabas Szabo
2433714 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 FRANCES BUGDEN
2435555 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Manisha Islam
2435505 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Goncalo Costa
2401575 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Oliver JACKSON
2435558 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/10/2020 31/03/2024 Vincenzo Pratley
2476571 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 01/01/2021 29/06/2024 SEBASTIAN HAVENS
2476553 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 04/01/2021 29/09/2024 Manpreet Kaur
2536138 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 11/01/2021 10/07/2024 Panagiotis Tsakonas
2520535 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 18/01/2021 25/02/2024 Melchior Chui
2607671 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 31/08/2021 28/02/2025 Rustam Guliyev
2587430 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 05/09/2021 07/03/2025 MIA FORAN
2580677 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Lewis HAMILTON
2590276 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Justas Deveikis
2585633 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 02/04/2025 Oliver Kemp
2606547 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Carla Albenga
2569982 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Aaron Malcolm
2569835 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Jacob Young
2593148 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 01/07/2027 Emily Holmes
2585636 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Anna Kuchko
2596547 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 DIEGO MARTIN DURO
2606539 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Virendra KOTAGAMA
2569967 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Mujahid Shiffa
2594260 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 BENEDICT SAUNDERS
2539121 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Yasser QURESHI
2606558 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Shravani Sharma
2593373 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Thomas Sales
2594220 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 BEN TRAGHEIM
2585640 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Thomas Morrish
2601878 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 HAMDI DERVODELI
2674942 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 07/02/2022 06/08/2025 Natinael Neggatu
2674943 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 14/02/2022 14/02/2026 Noah Bryan
2713400 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 02/10/2022 04/12/2023 Patrick MOORE
2737047 Studentship EP/T51794X/1 02/10/2022 31/12/2023 Antonio Reina